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Multidestination offer

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ساخته شد : دوشنبه 13 ژوئن 2022
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816 €
Based on ۲ adults
ساخته شد : دوشنبه 13 ژوئن 2022
مقصد : پاریس, لندن

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24 ژوئن

حمل و نقل از مادرید به پاریس

easyJet easyJet - U23908
20:40 - Madrid, Madrid Barajas (MAD)
22:45 - Paris, Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
2ساعت 5دقیقه 0 PC بدون توقف کرایه: Standard
پرواز : U23908
کلاس پرواز : Economy
نام کرایه: Standard
24 ژوئن


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درباره شهر :Paris, situated on the river Seine, is the capital and largest city in France. It is one of the most iconic cities in the world and it is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic cities, so much so that is has been dubbed the City of Love. Paris offers historical sights, monuments, a pleasant atmosphere, lovely cafés, parks and museums to satisfy any traveler. A large part of this City of Light, including the River Seine, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is home to some of the greatest old building in the world such as Le Tour Eiffel, Notre Dâme, Sacre Coeur, L´Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles, the Moulin Rouge or the Hotel des Invalides. There is no ending of the list of things you have to see in this city, but Le Louvre, one of the finest museums in the world of art and culture, should not be missed. Paris remains vastly influential in the realms of art and design and is home to some of the most impressive modern buildings such as La Défense, the Centre Pompidou, the Institut du Monde Arabe or the Stade de France. Paris is a city of immense vitality and beauty and it is an amazing and fascinating destination. With its history and architectural patrimony, Paris is the city everyone wants to see.
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24 ژوئن

اجاره خودرو

FIAT 500
Charles De Gaulle
23:45 - 24 ژوئن 2022
10:00 - 27 ژوئن 2022
سن راننده

کمترین ۲۱ , بیشترین ۸۰

قوانین سوخت
Full to Full: Pick up and drop off with a full tank. If the car is not returned with a full tank, suppliers will charge fuel plus refueling charges.
شرایط پرداخت عمومی
Prepayment: Full rental price due at time of reservation. At pick-up a valid credit card in main driver's name is required as a guarantee. Prepaid or debit cards, such as Maestro, Visa electron, Visa Premier or Carte Bleue are not accepted.
Deposit applicable to this booking
Upon collection of the car a security deposit will be blocked on the driver’s credit card. This deposit is determined by supplier considering your selected car category. Please be informed that the value of one tank of fuel and possible traffic fines can be additionally blocked on your credit card. It is recommended to present a credit card with chip, pin code and embossed numbers.Estimated deposit amount:: EUR 250.00
ضد سرقت
with excess up to 850 EUR
خسارت ناشی از تصادف/خسارت ناشی از برخورد
with excess up to 850 EUR
تحویل خودرو به مسافر

PARIS ROISSY CDG AIRPORT - تلفن : 0148626581


Opening hours:07:00 - 23:59

Airport Location, please follow signs to the car rental stations.
تحویل گرفتن از مسافر

PARIS ORLY AIRPORT - تلفن 0148626581


Opening hours:07:30 - 21:30

Airport Location, please follow signs to the car rental stations.
24 ژوئن


Vincent Van Gogh Walking Tour
Vincent Van Gogh Walking Tour
5 Hours 8:30 Tour in English
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حمل و نقل از پاریس به لندن

Vueling Airlines Vueling Airlines - VY6946
12:10 - Paris, Orly (ORY)
12:15 - London, Gatwick (LGW)
1ساعت 5دقیقه 0 PC بدون توقف
پرواز : VY6946
کلاس پرواز : Economy
27 ژوئن


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درباره شهر :Of all European capitals, London lives deepest in the imagination of travelers. We absorb London before we know it exists and when we finally approach the city, it does not disappoint. There are the red double-deckers, the bobbies and impassive guards at Buckingham, Westminster Abbey, and the notes of Big Ben, sounding familiar, as we have heard them before. We see these things with satisfaction. Yet there is much to surprise. London is not quaint. London is not a museum, though you could spend all of your time going from one to the next. It is a booming, urban sprawl, with traffic snarls, shops, and an astonishing international population. Visit the many monuments with nearly a millennium's worth of history, from the grave of Chaucer to the pub where the captain of the Mayflower drank to Piccadilly Circus, one of London’s most photographed sights. But don’t miss contemporary London, with its intensely active theatres, international cuisine, political demonstrations, the latest in music and fashion, punks and peers, and everyone in between. In 1777, writer Samuel Johnson said when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, and the phrase is still true. There's something different to experience every day in London.
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27 ژوئن


۳ Nights
30 ژوئن

حمل و نقل از لندن به مادرید

Ryanair Ryanair - FR5996
11:30 - London, Stansted (STN)
14:50 - Madrid, Madrid Barajas (MAD)
2ساعت 20دقیقه 0 PC بدون توقف
پرواز : FR5996
کلاس پرواز : Economy
نام کرایه: Value
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816 €
Based on ۲ adults
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