7 شبs. دانمارک, نروژ
از 1.119 € متوسط برای هر نفر
7 شبs. دانمارک, نروژ خروج از: Kiel, آلمان
1.119 €
متوسط برای هر نفر
Taxes and tips included
1.119 €
متوسط برای هر نفر
Taxes and tips included
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Costa Firenze
مشاهده کشتی
Costa Firence brings us closer to the Italian Renaissance, this time from the sea. On board, you can live an unforgettable vacation in the purest Italian style. You will find areas for leisure, relaxation, shopping, good food, Italian wine and shows offered in the theater and entertainment areas, and you will also feel how Italian hospitality is breathed. Don't wait any longer to experience endless emotions from sunrise to sunset while our ship takes you to another new destination.
برنامه سفر
آنچه باید بدانید:

ترتیب بنادر بسته به تاریخ خروج ممکن است متفاوت باشد. برای خروج دقیق و زمان ورود، نقشه های مورد نظر خود را بررسی کنید. ساعت ها با زمان محلی بندر مطابقت دارد. خاطرات می توانند در هر زمان بدون اطلاع قبلی تغییر کنند.

شبانه روزی و فرود

به دلایل ایمنی، همه مسافران باید 2 ساعت قبل از خروج در روز 1 از کروز هیئت مدیره.

پیاده سازی معمولاً ۲ ساعت پس از لنگر انداختن در آخرین روز کروز آغاز می شود.

تاریخ را انتخاب کنید
قیمت هر مسافر در دو نفر / مالیات شامل
توجه: اگر به بیش از یک کابین علاقه دارید، باید به تعداد کابینی که می خواهید انجام دهید. ازدواج اخیر این زوج
What's included?
  • Full board in the main restaurants and the buffet with the possibility of choosing dishes for special diets (gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian), drinks are only included in the All Inclusive and Super All Inclusive rates, they are not included in the IV offer rates /EV/BV (for these last rates you can check the price of different beverage packages offered by the shipping company) and My Cruise rates.
  • Sports activities with free access to a gym equipped with Technogym, fitness classes, outdoor pools and Jacuzzis, a sports field and an outdoor jogging track.
  • Accommodation in the chosen cabin, with all the comforts: private bathroom with soap and liquid soap for showering, air conditioning, telephone, music in the room, satellite TV and safe. Accurate daily cleaning and bed linen required for the stay (sheets and towels) provided and changed regularly.
  • Free entrance to the theater to see our shows and shows with different international artists every night.
  • Service fee (tips) included in the All Inclusive Cabins, Suites and Samsara, excluding cabins in Basic IV, EV, BV promo and excluding Round the World cruises.
  • Entertainment and activities in the miniclub and areas of the ship dedicated to children and young people up to 17 years old.
What's NOT included?
  • Medical assistance.
  • Excursions
  • Wellness treatments
  • Theme restaurants
  • Gratuities not included in Promo Basic cabins (IV, EV, BV), for these types of cabins, the service fee must be paid on board, the established daily amount varies according to the date of the cruise and its destination. Tips not included on round the world cruises.

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Super all inclusive

Selecting the Premium category, the price includes tips, the "My Drinks" drinks package (selection of unlimited drinks served by the glass + 1 bottle of 0.5L of water per day and person to be requested in the bars on board) and you can get a package of 3 excursions at a very reduced price and a 25% discount for other excursions on board. For the Suites, the beverage package included is the "My Drink Plus" which includes an unlimited offer of all types of beverages, even with Premium labels.

Cancel up to 15 days before

You can cancel without penalty up to 15 days before departure your cruise departing before November 30, 2022. Offer valid for reservations confirmed before April 30, 2022. You have up to 15 days before the departure date to cancel without penalty. You will get a voucher so you can book your next cruise, or we will refund the money paid. *Offer not valid for promotional rates without all inclusive.

Spanish environment

The crew speaks your language, schedules and flavors of home, fun in Spanish. Both breakfast, lunch and dinner will have extensive hours so that you can enjoy your vacation without haste and without ever giving up the taste of your customs. Possibility of transport to the port of embarkation from different Spanish cities, contact us.

دسته بندی Costa Firenze
تصویر تنها نماینده است؛ اندازه، چیدمان و اثاثیه ممکن است متفاوت باشد (در داخل همان رده stateroom).
مشخصات Costa Firenze
میله ها و سالن ها
رستوران ها
کودکان استخر شنا
کلوپ شبانه
خدمات 24h
سرعت کروز
تعداد کابین
ظرفیت اتاق خواب داخلی
تعداد کابین های بیرونی
۳۷ دقیقه
استخرهای شنا
The best Mediterranean cruises

The best Mediterranean cruises

Ready to live the adventure of your life?

Choosing a cruise is a very personal decision since a large number of aspects and issues to take care of when prioritizing between one trip or another. It is not just about the boat in question which, of course, has a very relevant weight, as we will see below. It also influences the itinerary, the services included, the season of the year in which you travel and other issues of equal importance.

In this article we explain what the best Mediterranean cruises are, the best time for Mediterranean cruises and the best Mediterranean cruise ships that we can find. Continue reading for more information.

An unbeatable plan

 An unbeatable plan

As we explained, there are a large number of issues to take into account when choosing a cruise. Now, perhaps one of the most important aspects when choosing the best Mediterranean cruises is the choice of the itinerary. If it is the first time that you organize a Mediterranean cruise vacation, you must take into account some destinations that cannot be missed in any case. These destinations are as follows:

Civitavecchia (Rome): This city is located just 70 kilometers from the capital of Rome. In general, most shipping companies stop at this starting point to offer tourists the chance to get to know both the coastal city and the capital by transferring by bus or from the train station itself (only about 10 minutes walk from the port).

Palermo (Italy): Palermo is a city of great cultural and historical interest. In this town you can visit the cathedral, as well as the different markets, the different squares —such as Plaza Caracciolo, where you can dine on delicious fried fish— and many other places. Remember that Palermo is considered the European capital of street food, so you won't be short of places to eat.

The Greek islands: In general, both the Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini are usually visited on longer cruises, since they are located at the other end of the Mediterranean, in the Eastern Mediterranean. These are unique destinations, with beautiful beaches and exceptional nature. Dubronovik (Croatia): It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, nicknamed "The Pearl of the Adriatic". The historic center of this city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In addition, this city has been the setting for the filming of films and series such as Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Majorca (Spain): Of course, the largest island in the Balearic archipelago cannot be left out. This Spanish island stands out for its beautiful landscapes, its crystal clear waters, its excellent viewpoints and its strong culture.

Other destinations that should include the best Mediterranean cruises are: Ibiza (Spain), Marseille (France), Genoa (Italy), Livorno (Italy) and La Goulette (Tunisia).

Best time to cruise the Mediterranean

Best time to cruise the Mediterranean

The best time for Mediterranean cruises is from the months of May to the end of September. If you visit the western Mediterranean, it is best to travel in July and August since in this period the temperature is ideal, nature is more alive and the terraces are open until night, highly recommended to relax and disconnect from everything.

It should be mentioned that in this area, there is no such thing as winter with cold and snow. The temperatures in the winter drop, but not enough to not do or avoid a cruise during the winter. For them, we recommend you go at any time. And always spring - early summer, are gentler months, since their temperatures make you want to enjoy the beaches or the ship's pools more.

If you visit the eastern Mediterranean part, then the ideal is the month of September. At this time the temperature is not so hot, improving the experience in shore excursions in places such as Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Dubrovnik, Alexandria and Koto.

We are lucky that there is no such thing as a worse time to take a Mediterranean cruise. But if it can happen that the weather is not as gentle as we hope or imagine. In winter periods, temperatures drop considerably in the eastern Mediterranean, although not so much in the western one. Which allows you to plan a cruise during the autumn or winter in the eastern Mediterranean and enjoy the spring or summer in the western one.

Filled with art, culture, romance and iconic landmarks, each season offers its unique insight into the Mediterranean ports that make up these beautiful European itineraries.

What should you know when taking a Mediterranean cruise?

What should you know when taking a Mediterranean cruise?

There are many issues to consider when choosing the best Mediterranean cruises. First of all, we must be clear about what type of cruise we are looking for. You should bear in mind that depending on your travel idea, you can find a more or less appropriate type of cruise, for example, we can find family cruises recommended for families with children, cruises for singles for people who want to meet love on board, romantic cruises or cruises for couples, which include a complete catalog of activities and romantic restaurants, breakfast in bed…, cruises for groups of friends in which fun and nights of celebrations and events and tourist cruises with very complete itineraries and for a more global public.

The price, on the other hand, is also very important. Since, depending on the budget, we can opt for one cruise or another, with certain services or not. For example, all-inclusive cruises in which case, the price of the ticket includes the consumption of drinks, access to exclusive services…and, last but not least the itinerary and duration of the journey.

-About clothing, we recommend you to bring two swimsuits or more if you wish. Since there are many opportunities to enjoy the water both on land and on board, and often depending on the weather or the opportunities to do laundry, they cannot always be on our side. It is also good to mention that cruise ships usually have a Gala Night, and it requires being a little more formal. By this we do not mean that you have to wear a suit and wear a bow tie. With a shirt and pants or a polo you will be fine.

- Place labels with your names on the suitcases. We know that this is done at airports by the company and that we also know what our bags look like. But on a cruise you are going to dispatch them and the crew will take care of leaving it at the door of your cabins. Until this happens, it may take a few hours. That is why we recommend that you carry a backpack with what you need for the first few hours: Medications, sunscreen, glasses, a book, swimsuits, whatever you consider necessary.

-Download the maps of the cities you are going to visit, on your mobile. This is for the case in which you do not have data or roaming service. Today technology is on our side in every way and if we anticipate you, you will no longer need paper maps.

سایر سفرهای دریایی موجود در Costa Firenze

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